LAHORE : Former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Khalid Mahmood feels that Pakistan cricket is declining fast due to wrong decisions of the current PCB bosses. “If this situation continues, future of cricket will be bleaker than hockey. Ehsan Mani is unaware of the basic needs of Pakistan cricket. He has been in England for a long time and doesn’t come out of that system and same is the case with CEO Wasim Khan. But they don’t understand that the problems and needs of Pakistan cricket are far different from England’s,” said Khalid here on Tuesday. “Departmental cricket was abolished without proper strategy, which not only destroyed the careers of many talented cricketers but also damaged Pakistan cricket, which is now suffering badly.” Khalid Mahmood said: “The major reason behind Pakistan hockey downfall was lack of interest and attention on club and school level hockey and same is going to happen with cricket. Club cricket is a real nursery and the PCB is completely ignoring it. There is a dire need of promoting club, school and departmental cricket if we want to produce world class cricketers,” he added.  

PCB chairman Khalid khan


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