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Pakistan hockey team’s head coach Siegfried Aikman shared that lack of money haunts hockey in the country in a long run.

Speaking to local media after Pakistan lost back-to-back contests in Commonwealth Games, Aikman questioned how players will be prepared if there is no money.

“We have no money for upliftment. When I first came to Pakistan, I felt like I have come to the stone age,” said Aikman.

“Players didn’t get money for months. I didn’t receive even my first salary. Our players come from the lower level, if there is no money, how players will prepare for international competitions,” the head coach raised concerns.

To a query about leaving the post due to financial miscommitment by the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF), Aikman said he has signed a contract for long term.

“I have been signed by PHF for a long-term. I can’t think of leaving my job at this moment. I want to work for talented players and groom them for the betterment of Pakistan’s hockey,” he added.

Pakistan team has already been out of Hockey World Cup 2023 after Hockey Asia Cup 2022 blunder made by the then-team manager.

"I didn't receive my first salary, it feels like stone age," Siegfried Aikman 1


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