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Bahawalpur Cantonment authorities had put a statue of hockey Olympian Samiullah to acknowledge his services to Pakistan hockey.


Soon after its placement in the Square, someone stole the ball of the statue in the night and in the morning, the hockey was also stolen. Now this move is viral on the social media and people of different walks of life are commenting on it, terming it a shameful act.

Hockey Olympian Samiullah's hockey and ball stolen by someone 1

Most of people commented on the move were of the view that this is shameful act and the thied must put the ball and hockey back. They also urged the public to know how to respect their heroes as they are the legends, who earned international laurels for Pakistan so we must give them due respect instead of doing such shameful acts.


Olympian Samiullah also requested the thief to put the ball and hockey back. “I am grateful to Cantonment Board for putting my statue at the square, and acknowledging my services for my beloved country. If the thief puts the ball and hockey back, I shall be personally grateful to him.”


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