Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja has said that the continuous efforts of the board and national men’s cricket team’s good performances in the T20 World Cup played key role in getting hosting rights of the ICC Champions Trophy 2025.
Talking to the sports journalists during a virtual press conference from Dubai on Wednesday, the PCB chairman said a huge mental effort and numerous discussions with the ICC and its affiliated member nations helped in getting them convinced about Pakistan’s ability to host big international cricket events. “The ICC and other members nations went through the pros and cons and after hectic conversations and going through the details, they came to a conclusion that Pakistan is fit to undertake, to launch, to administer and to boss such an event like ICC Champions Trophy 2025,” he added.
Ramiz revealed that the cricketing world has realised that Pakistan cannot be treated the way it has been in the last decade and it is the result of this realisation that the country has been awarded the rights of hosting the ICC Champions Trophy in 2025. He said after New Zealand and England’s pull-out from their respective tours to the country in earlier this year, Pakistan’s narrative was strong at the international stage. “We spoke the truth, we spoke from our heart and it was an emotional turbulence that we had to face. The world understood our hurt and it had also realised that we have put in a huge effort that’s why we are now being awarded international events.”
Ramiz also appreciated the efforts, which were put in by previous administrations, to help Pakistan get to this stage and eventually win the Champions Trophy hosting rights. “We have been consistent in our efforts to bring cricket back to Pakistan in the last 10 years and we have convinced the world by taking baby steps along the way. It’s really tough to present your case and achieve success. It took time to change Pakistan’s perspective. Many people have worked hard to make this happen,” he asserted.
The PCB chief also credited Pakistan’s performance at the recently-concluded T20 World Cup for representing the country in the best-possible way on the field. Pakistan won five of their six matches at the showpiece, ending their tournament after a close battle against eventual winners Australia in the semifinals.
Ramiz said that Pakistan’s performance also determines the relevance of the PCB. “Our cricketing abilities have been noticed. We have our business in cricket and if the team doesn’t do well, things aren’t perfect. The team should do well and we have to promote ourselves through the team and project ourselves through it.”

Continuous efforts, team performances bear fruit in allocation of ICC CT 2025: Ramiz Raja 1


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