Commissioner Karachi Muhammad Iqbal Memon has honored the winners of Tri-Country Inter-School Rowing Regata held in Maldives.
Addressing the champions, Iqbal Memon said that the schoolgirls of Karachi have proudly raised the head of the country and the nation at the international level through their talents. “These talented children have made the country, city, parents, teachers and their schools famous in the world.” Former Deputy Commissioner South Salahuddin Ahmed, Khalid Jamil Shamsi, Shahida Parveen Kayani, KBBA President Ghulam Muhammad Khan, Baldia Korangi, Muhammad Arshad, Ghulam Abbas and others were present on the occasion.
The Commissioner said: “It is a great pleasure for us that the students of Karachi have performed in one of the most difficult sport Rowing Regatta in the world or in other countries. Demonstrating Karachi I heartily congratulate the students, parents, school principals, administrators and teachers whose training, qualifications and guidance enabled the students to hoist the national flag in Maldives.”
He commended the efforts of Karachi Boat Club. He also appreciated those who highlighted the talent in the students through excellent training. Commissioner Karachi requested all schools, colleges and universities to promote healthy activities in children along with promotion of knowledge. Provide so that these talented children of ours can brighten the name of Pakistan in the world and raise the head of the nation with pride.

Commissioner Karachi honours Tri-Country Inter-School Rowing Regata champions 1


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