Pakistan’s Young Coach Yusuf Moazzam, who is attached with Gazprom Football For Friendship Program for the fifth year in a row, has shared the wise words with the losing semi-finalists, encouraging them to focus on what they have really achieved instead of thinking about just what they have lost.


While speaking at the Football For Friendship platform, Yusuf said: “I wanted to share a
few words with you. Football for Friendship is not all about qualifying in the matches, dig deeper into it and you will find a meaning behind all this. This is my fifth year attending this programme and the things this programme has taught me are merely impossible to be taught in books,” he asserted.


“Football for friendship is a platform which gathers children from different parts of the world and unites them through sports. It nurtures teens and inculcates 9 basic human values which helps us shape ourselves into better individuals. You all should be grateful that you got a chance to take part in this event and befriend children from all around the world. I believe losing is essential to anyone’s success. You all have a great opportunity to learn from this failure and correct your mistakes rather than stepping back. If winning is Gods reward, then losing is how he teaches us,” he concluded.


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