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The quarterfinal matches were decided in the 3rd Combaxx Sports National Junior Squash Championship 2022 being organized by Pakistan Navy Roshan Khan Jahangir Khan Squash Complex Karachi at the RK-JK Squash Complex.
In the boys U-13 quarterfinals, Ahmed (PAF), Noman (PAF), Abdul Ahad and Huzaifa Shahid (SD) emerged as winners. Earlier in the boys U-13 second round matches, Ahmed (PAF), Rehan (Pb), Nouman (PAF), Umar (SD), Rehan Alamgir (PAF), Abdul Ahad (SD), Haris (SD) and Huzaifa (SD) emerged as winners.
In the boys U-15 quarterfinals, Azan Ali (Army), Ibrahim (PAF), Mubeen (KP) and Umair (KP) were victorious. Earlier in the boys U-15 second round matches, Azan Ali (Army), M Hamza (PAF), Usman Tahir (PB), Hassan Fahim (KP), Mustafa Irfan (PAF), Mubeen Khan (PAF), Haris Zahid (PAF) and Malik Asim (KP) were victorious.
In the boys U-19 quarterfinals, Mutahir (KP), Huzaifa (SD), Azan (PAF) and Junaid (Pb) were triumphant. Earlier in the boys U-19 second round matches, Mutahir Ali Shah (KP), Kaleemullah (Pb), Huzaifa Ibrahim (SD), Anas Dilsahd (Navy), Azan Khalil (PAF), Abdullah Rasheed (Pb), Huraira Zafar (SD) and Junaid (Pb) were triumphant.
In the girls U-19 quarterfinals, Mehwish (KP), Zohra Abdullah (KP), Manahil (KP) and Zainab Khan (Army) recorded victories. In the girls U-19 second round matches, Mehwish (KP), Sunzil Safdar (SD), Sehrish (KP), Zoha Abdullah (KP), Wajiha Altaf (KP), Manahil (KP), Mahnoor Aki (KP) and Zainab Khan (Army) were the winners.

3rd Combaxx Sports National Junior Squash Championship enter semifinals stage 1


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