LAHORE: Legendary singer Naseebo Laal’s ‘Grove Meera’ anthem for the sixth edition of HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL-6) has won the hearts of millions as the ‘magnum opus’ anthem has finally crossed 10 million vies on Youtube.
Besides Naseebo Laal, sensational singer Aima Baig and Young Stunners have also exhibited their prowess in the ‘masterpiece’ anthem, which was on-aired worldwide on February 6, and soon after it was released, this anthem became talk of the town, where each and every fan has either criticized it or appreciated it while some blamed poor direction of video behind this criticism, giving credit to Ali Zafar for singing one of the best anthems of Pakistan Super League.
The PSL-6 anthem, even after its release for almost 2 weeks, is still trending on number 2 in Pakistan, which, along with crossing 10 million views in such a short time, is a huge win for the new anthem. While a lot of fans had strong opinions about it on its release, it definitely grew on all. It is the kind of song that fans cannot help but sing along. It is fun and festive and can get one in a celebratory mood which is what PSL is all about.
The song crossing 10 million views is no surprise at all because of the fact that the anthem has a catchy beat and the lyrics are also captivating. Its trajectory means that crossing the 100-million-views mark is a matter of when and not if.


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