London (Reuters) – London police has released images of people sought in connection with violence and disorder at the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy.

Europe’s football governing body UEFA said on Tuesday it had opened disciplinary proceedings and charged England’s Football Association (FA) for disturbances during the Euro 2020 final against Italy at Wembley.

Euro 2020 Final

The final, which Italy won in a penalty shootout, was marred by clashes between fans and officials in and around the stadium.

The Met Police had urged fans not to travel to Wembley if they did not have a ticket. However, several fans breached security cordons and charged into the perimeter area of Wembley before kickoff.

“The meticulous investigation will continue to identify further people of interest or indeed other offences which may have occurred”, the Metropolitan Police said late on Saturday.

“This investigation is in its very early stages and I am in no doubt that further appeals and arrests will follow”, the police said.

Black players in the England team were subjected to a storm of online racist abuse after their defeat in the final, with the racist comments also prompting a police probe and wide condemnation.


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