Senior journalist Matiullah Jan has reportedly gone missing from Islamabad, his family confirmed, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

In a conversation with Independent Urdu, the journalist’s wife said his car had been found with keys still inside.

He had tweeted a video of a journalist’s interview earlier in the day. “This is for the attention of those who sit in the simulated air conditioned environment of rule of law in Pakistan and who think criticism on them is a bigger crime than the violation of the inviolable dignity of a human being,” he wrote on Twitter at 11:05AM this morning.

As the news drew attention of journalists and international rights bodies, a tweet was posted on Matiullah Jan’s account at 3:17 PM — purportedly by his son — which read: “Matiullahjan, my father, has been abducted from the heart of the capital [Islamabad]. I demand he be foundُ and the agencies behind it immediately be held responsible. God keep him safe.”

Meanwhile, anchorperson Najam Sethi has started a petition on calling for Jan’s “immediate release”.

Jan was due to appear in the Supreme Court this week after it took suo motu notice of an alleged contemptuous tweet by the journalist.


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