By: Azhar ul Haq Wahid/ Burhan u din

Lahore :

Captains responsible of win and loss,This is great pleasure and honour for me to represent Pakistan in cricket format, which is best format of cricket. Azhar Ali expressed these views in a press conference at qadafi stadium Lahore .

Azhar Ali said that Time and experience teach better than anyone, I will be different in this tenure of captaincy, Azhar added .
He said that I wants left my expressions on cricket and test cricket is my priority which helps to make better cricketer.
I already said that the captaincy is to drive team according to situation,s and will empower the players to take decision for better performance.
He responded to a question although the team is not strong enough but we will fight for victory.
He added I asked to board first is it short term or long term, bord and chairman ensured me to be captain of year so that’s why I accepted the offer.
We don’t have good track record of Australia and we don’t have experienced players but youngsters play fear less as well as I strongly believe on no one can defeat Australia with out serious cricket.

I am captain and I will choose the number where i should play. Azhar Ali answered to a question have to be positive, Yasir and ammad performed well and we will move with new pacers.
Team will be decided in a days and I would like to choose the Sarfraz and his services will be regarded.


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